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Deck And Fence Repair 

Yes! And that rotted handrail and loose spindle too. Danger lurks in many ways, but not so much as a hazardous deck. No one wants a family member, neighbor or friend to so much as trip on a lifted board and hurt themselves, let alone falling through the floor or over the side of your once beautiful deck. Not to mention, lean on your fence only to fall over with it! Check your insurance policy... you may not be covered.
Do I need to worry about that spongy floor board?

We provide numerous types of deck and fence repairs including, but not limited to :
We are here to help you restore and maintain your outdoor oasis and privacy & security.
Whether it's replacing floor boards, handrails, spindles or pickets and cross supports on your fence, we can tackle most any repair!
Deck Refinishing - Pressure Washing - Gutter Cleaning Service Contractor
Cleveland - Mentor - Akron - Medina, Ohio

Inspect your deck three times a year in the spring, summer and fall for the following:
Inspect your fences twice a year for the following:

No job too big.... No job too small....
It's all about the details folks!

Deck De-fence LLC Provides Deck and Fence Repair Services in Mentor, Cleveland, Akron, Medina Ohio. We can repair and restore your deck and fence to look beautiful again!

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(216) 218-0017