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Deck and Fence Repair

Our Deck and Fence Maintenance Services Will Protect You and Restore and Preserve Your Outdoor Oasis.

Experienced Repair Specialists
Increase Property Value
Avoid Full Replacement

Routine deck and fence maintenance will protect you and your investment.

Deck Repair and Fence Repair is more important than you may think. Danger lurks in many ways, but not so much as a hazardous deck. No one wants a family member, neighbor or friend to so much as trip on a lifted board and hurt themselves, let alone falling through the floor or over the side of your once beautiful deck. Not to mention, lean on your fence only to fall over with it. Check your insurance policy… you may not be covered.

Deck and Fence Repair Services
Fence Repair
Replace floorboards

When it’s time to replace floorboards, handrails, spindles or pickets and cross supports on your fence, we can tackle most any deck and fence repair.

“Passion for excellence indeed!  Returned calls promptly, very professional detailed quote.  They repaired/replaced boards, sanded, patched, and painted our deck. They also sealed our stone patio.  
You can see this company takes pride in their work. Would recommend without hesitation!”

Anita W. from Chesterland, Ohio

Inspect your deck three times a year for the following:

  • Loose, lifted, splintered, rotted or spongy step and floor boards
  • Loose, lifted, splintered, or rotted handrails
  • Loose, cracked or missing spindles
  • Vertical supports showing severe cracking or rot
  • Cross supports showing severe cracking or rot
  • Facial supports for warping and cracks
  • Check that your deck is level with no raising or lowering in areas
  • Check gates and hinges that they open and latch closed properly

No job too big…

Replace floorboards

Inspect your fencing twice a year for the following:

  • Loose, cracked or rotted panels – pickets
  • Loose, cracked or rotted cross supports
  • Loose cracked or rotted vertical supports
  • Check to insure vertical supports are still plumb
  • Check to insure gates and hinges open and latch closed properly

No job too small…

Replace Floorboards

Repair, restore and maintain your outdoor oasis

Let’s put some beauty and longevity back into your deck and fencing and give it the attention it deserves with our deck and fence repair services

Let’s get the process started. It’s quick and simple.

Fence Repair